The rise in technology revolutionized our way of life and completely changed how we used to interact and conduct business. The advancement in technology did not leave the gambling industry as it was. The industry witnessed a series of changes and one of those changes is the development of stable live casino games. Technology changed what was assumed as a casino or gambling tradition that you have to physically present yourself to a casino to take part in a game.

Today live dealer’s games form part of the most favourite casino games with millions of players all over. Liver dealer casino games are unique in how they are controlled. Contrary to other online casino games that are controlled by random number generators, live dealer games are controlled by a real-life dealer. The live dealer games just like the real casino ones present gamblers with a real casino experience and all the excitement associated with it.

The way live dealer casino games are organized, the players enjoy one of the most thrilling casino experience at their comfort. It’s unlikely that a player participating in an online live dealer casino game at one time experience a different atmosphere different from the real game. This is due to the majestic design that mimics exactly the live game.

Live dealer casino involves some of the states of the art studios equipped with some of the best pieces of machinery and equipment that captures the best actions in the game. There are cameras placed in strategic positions to capture both audio and visual happening in the studio. The cameras installed in the studio are of high definition and there are mostly three aspects towards this camera that make the entire game a live dealership. One of the cameras in the studio diligently zooms and captures the happenings in front of the dealer and how he is running the game. This is meant to enhance transparency. There is a second camera that solely focuses on the dealer and can zoom at a high magnitude all the table actions taking place. No player can complain of cheating as they are all accorded an opportunity to keep a hawk-eye on the game. What is fascinating about these high definition cameras, is that they are equipped with super high recognition software to help players and other participants in the game decipher and capture the tiniest details about the game.

The live dealers involved in the game are not just a bunch of people from nowhere, they have to undergo some of the most detailed professional training on ethics and handling of the game. Also, they get a chance to be thoroughly trained on the do’s and don’ts of the game and the rules of engagement before they can be allowed to officiate such a game. In a live dealer casino game, players are allowed an opportunity to interact with the live dealer and between themselves as the game continues. When it comes to joining the game, players as well are free to come on board as they wish.

If you consider live dealer casino games and you compare them with other available virtual games, you will most definitely come up with the following eminent differences. First, all the actions involved in the game from the casino or the land-based studio is streamed live. Secondly, unlike other virtual games, live dealer casino games involve a human dealer who does all the magic at the table. Another glaring difference between live dealer casino games and other virtual games is that players in the live dealership are accorded privileges to communicate and contact the dealer through available communication channels like a chatbox. No virtual tables are involved in this game, but a real table just like it is in a real casino experience. If you are engaging in a game like roulette, real equipment, and real cards are used.

To some extent, the live dealer casino has some striking similarities with other online virtual games. One such similarity is the interfaces players got to interact with. But what makes these games a darling to many is the differences it offers from the virtual games.

When we take into consideration the genesis and the rise of live dealer casino games, we go back to the too early 2000s. During this era, there were a couple of reasons that fueled the acceptability and the growth of these games to the larger gambling community. Some of the reasons for the steady rise include the following.

• Around 2000 the internet connectivity exploded and many consumers got connected to the internet. Also, the stability of the connection saw live table games streaming stabilize and the freezing that was being witnessed previously became a thing of the past.

• Secondly, the studios and the software companies involved in making the entire live deal ship go live made the entire experience fun and enjoyable hence attracting new gamblers into the scene.

There are other secondary reasons behind the steady rise in live dealer casino games witnessed recently. One such aspect that has contributed immensely to the growth of the industry is the gaming software companies and providers. These companies have steadily improved in the software and services they provide to the casino industry and it’s now a thing of the past to come across a poor slow functioning casino site.

Other factors like improvement in the quality of the live studios from some rudimentary rooms with a poor definition camera. Currently, we have modern well-equipped studios with state of the art pieces of machinery and cameras that provide excellent virtual interfaces for a wonderful betting experience. Secondly, the studios have integrated with Artificial intelligence to assist in the recognition and other dealer aspect taking shape at the table.

Another yet improvement that has greatly fueled the take-off to live dealer casino games is the compatibility between mobile and the emergence of personal computers. At the beginning of live dealer games, there were only two options available to gamblers, they either used Mac or personal computer. But of late things have tremendously changed with the entrance of a mobile phone. Smartphones for instance came with some of the best graphics and high-performance operating systems installed. Smartphones are by far convenient and affordable for any gambler compared to Mac and PCs.

The last boost to live dealer casino game rise is the stability in internet connectivity and the rise in mobile technology. Live dealer casino games cannot take place without an internet connection and in this case an excellent stable one. Today the availability of high-speed internet is a major boost to this game as you can access it and participate from any corner of the world as long as you have an internet connection.

At some point, you might be wondering what are some of the live dealer games available in the market today. There are a host of online live dealer games but some are more popular than others due to some reasons. Some of these games include the following;

• Blackjack

• Roulette

• Poker