Poker tournaments are fun events, but at the same time, it needs more than the skills to be in the game. It requires concentration and dedication for that. Your survival in the game entirely depends upon you and the skills you have acquired in the play throughout your time. The tournaments are one such event where everything comes to play and the best one gets to take the trophy home. The preparation requires your strong determination and dedication towards the play. Though the tournaments can be unprecedented, the better practice can increase your chances.

1.Start low:

For a beginner, Poker tournaments can be complex. It is the most overwhelming event, but to play a stable game, one needs to be tight. You can start by playing a tight game and as the game progresses, you can loosen up with your bets. The initial rounds should be for relaxation and avoid big bets unless you have a big hand.

carried away

2.Don’t get carried away:

A Bubble can be an extremely dangerous situation. So what is a bubble? A bubble in a poker tournament is when you are a few steps away from the prize. This is stressful and if you let your emotions get the best of you, it can end up a disaster. Take every step with caution and measure everything you do on the table.


In some places, playing shorthanded can be a nice strategy but not when you are in the middle of the round where playing aggressive is the only thing you need. If you find your hand a little weak and you think you are in an awkward position, the best you can play is to be aggressive.


Poker is an unprecedented game where anything can happen in the blink of your eye. Should you succeed all your opponents and reached the end of the tournaments, you need to be careful at this point? You will require to put as much pressure as possible on your opponent lest he will do the same.



If at the final of the game, your opponent wants to split the prize money. Don’t be fooled and make the best of the situation. You should reject their offers but if you get the best deal, depending upon your hand, you can either accept it or reject it.

6.Be careful about the Chips:

The more chips you have in the game, the better. Keep a track of your chips, how many came in, and how many went out. The chips determine the nature of your game and you should always keep it at a healthy level.



Money is the central thing of gambling. Poker tournaments are like fairs and you will not know how you spent the money. Don’t spend too much too early on the wrong buy-in and calculate your steps.


Poker tournaments are fun events but at the same time, you should be careful about how you spend the money. This is the basic part of any type of gambling.