Sometimes things are not the way they seem to be, and it can trick you into doing things you would not have even considered imagining. This often happens in games like poker. There are times when you are playing not against skilled and aggressive players, but rather with maniacal swing riding players with little to no skill. These are really dangerous games if you do not play well…. Or so you would think.

Still, one glance into the game can be quite shocking. Chips might be put in preflop and postflop, with players thinking little about the consequences of their actions. They may bet high on every turn, forcing you to bet higher, against your bankroll. All of these make you reconsider if you want to sit at such a table, and even if you do, what kind of strategies you would be willing to adapt to win at such a table because losing can make you lose a lot. So here a few tips and tricks to help you through situations like these.

Play A Straightforward Game

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Do not get tricky, especially while playing bluff. There is no need to be an absolute expert here, since most of the time, the best hand will win at the final showdown. Ride the waves by strapping yourself into the game, and you might find yourself winning more than you can afford. However, this does not mean that you cannot be aggressive in your game; neither does it say that you cannot make people fold.

Be Reluctant to Set Mine

Unless you get to the flop cheaply enough, set mining with low and medium pairs does not make much sense in this type of game. Consider the amount that you are willing to stake on one single stack. Is the pot put forward worth the draw? Or is it a blind away from being taken away? So it is always better to stay low and be reluctant to set mine.

Do Not Lead With a Strong Hand

Maniacal players are a good cover for a calm and composed player since they might be too distracted to notice your hand. If you have a strong hand, and you’re playing against players like these, you might be in luck. Since you are the only player who is playing responsibly and selectively, it is better to not show much joy in finding yourself with a strong hand, because players like these might easily miss it if you hide it a little bit.