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Casino Extreme Review – Is this a legit Casino in 2020?

When it comes to an online casino, things can get a little complicated. Given the amount of risk online ventures display, it’s always wise...

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5 Suggestions For Playing In Extremely Wild Poker Games

Sometimes things are not the way they seem to be, and it can trick you into doing things you would not have even considered...
Online Slot Games

Most Popular Online Slot Games

Online casinos are offering a large number of slot games recently, and are becoming very popular indeed. Therefore to take advantage of this audience,...
poker tournament

7 poker tournament tips for running deep more often

Poker tournaments are fun events, but at the same time, it needs more than the skills to be in the game. It requires concentration...

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Casino Extreme Review – Is this a legit Casino in 2020?

When it comes to an online casino, things can get a little complicated. Given the amount of risk online ventures display, it’s always wise to first establish the credibility of the platform. Though the cases of fraudulence are very few due to the increased vigilance of legit casino houses and law enforcement agencies, there can be some cases where spoof sites were used. To be on the safer side, before signing up for any casino, its legitimacy should be established. Casino Extreme is one such casino that is yet in business and has over 300 casino games for its player.

Casino Extreme:

Casino Extreme has a collection of almost every popular casino games, but as far as its credibility is concerned, the online casino has been in business for a long time. Founded by Anden Holdings Ltd and licensed by Curacao Gaming Authority, casino Extreme is a legit casino house that offers its services to a lot of countries including Iran, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe. Though initially there was a lesser gambling crowd on the site, as the internet grew so did Casino Extreme. casino


One of the things that can help you establish the credibility of an online casino is the software provider. Casino Extreme uses the Real Time Gaming platform that has a unique reputation in gaming software. Particularly, the work done by the Software provider in the Slot area is appreciable.


While many of them don’t provide 24/7 customer support, Casino Extreme has efficient staff that will assist you at any time of the hour. Should you run into a problem, you can contact them by the site and also by mail. This also eases the worries of having run into a problem and not able to find a solution.


The mobile market is one of the prominent targets of any industry. The mobile application of the casino is user friendly and has been designed to perform every action you can do from a desktop. One of the features websites suffer from is lagging but Casino Extreme is playable on every mobile device as long as it is capable of running websites. Mobile


Compared to other online casinos, Casino Extreme offers Slot Tournaments that can be weekly, daily, and monthly. So, you can either choose to play slots or if you are interested in a long game, you can opt for a tournament.


It has a huge variety of table games; games that are not just interesting but also popular across other platforms. Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Pontoon, and Red Dog are one such example. You can also play specialty games like 5 Diamond Blackjack, Sic Bo, and Treasure Tree. Games


Casino Extreme is a legit casino and licensed casino. Compared to the other casino, it doesn’t disappoint but there is a lack of Live Dealer games. Apart from that, Casino Extreme is a fair choice. Though you should always need to know what game you are good at and what you are intending to play.

5 Suggestions For Playing In Extremely Wild Poker Games

Sometimes things are not the way they seem to be, and it can trick you into doing things you would not have even considered imagining. This often happens in games like poker. There are times when you are playing not against skilled and aggressive players, but rather with maniacal swing riding players with little to no skill. These are really dangerous games if you do not play well…. Or so you would think. Still, one glance into the game can be quite shocking. Chips might be put in preflop and postflop, with players thinking little about the consequences of their actions. They may bet high on every turn, forcing you to bet higher, against your bankroll. All of these make you reconsider if you want to sit at such a table, and even if you do, what kind of strategies you would be willing to adapt to win at such a table because losing can make you lose a lot. So here a few tips and tricks to help you through situations like these.

Play A Straightforward Game

poker online Do not get tricky, especially while playing bluff. There is no need to be an absolute expert here, since most of the time, the best hand will win at the final showdown. Ride the waves by strapping yourself into the game, and you might find yourself winning more than you can afford. However, this does not mean that you cannot be aggressive in your game; neither does it say that you cannot make people fold.

Be Reluctant to Set Mine

Unless you get to the flop cheaply enough, set mining with low and medium pairs does not make much sense in this type of game. Consider the amount that you are willing to stake on one single stack. Is the pot put forward worth the draw? Or is it a blind away from being taken away? So it is always better to stay low and be reluctant to set mine.

Do Not Lead With a Strong Hand

Maniacal players are a good cover for a calm and composed player since they might be too distracted to notice your hand. If you have a strong hand, and you’re playing against players like these, you might be in luck. Since you are the only player who is playing responsibly and selectively, it is better to not show much joy in finding yourself with a strong hand, because players like these might easily miss it if you hide it a little bit.  
Online Slot Games

Most Popular Online Slot Games

Online casinos are offering a large number of slot games recently, and are becoming very popular indeed. Therefore to take advantage of this audience, a variety of slot games have been made on different movies and characters. A few of these are listed below.

Bruce Lee: Fire of The Dragon

Having five reels and over 80 lines, this incredible slot game is based on the impeccable martial arts master Bruce Lee, as he journeys through the game to be the ultimate Jeet Kune Do tournament. It is quite interesting and fun to play.

Deal Or No Deal

deal-or-no-deal-slots Developed by Gamesys, it is one of the most popular and played games by the UK based game developing company. It has five reels with 20 lines and has three different coin sizes each slot title. Each slot title has its individual jackpot, and the jackpots are progressive in nature as well.


Let’s not pretend here: EVERYBODY knows Jumanji. And the slot game that comes from it is as interesting as the movie. Created by NetEnt on the popular 1995 film, this slot game is one of the most popular games involving real money. There are high-value symbols like pelican, rhino, lion, crocodile and the symbol of the Jumanji game itself. It also gives payouts depending on the types of combos you hit like J, A, Q, K etc. It also activates free spins, wild symbols and sticky symbols randomly, and is part of the fun and excitement of the game.

Monopoly: Mega Movers

Monopoly: Mega Movers Having five reels and 30 pay lines, this game is probably the best monopoly based slot game out there. It features special symbols like Penguin, Rubber Duck, Cat, T-Rex etc. There are many different types of symbols that give bonuses, like free games and respins. There is even a chance of getting a 100 free slot spins when you spin the wheel of fortune.

King Kong Fury

One of the most popular monster movies in film history, King Kong is one of the most celebrated monsters in Hollywood. It has gone through several remakes and now a slot game has been made from it. The setting is that of Skull Island, and King Kong has to battle with the dinosaurs on the island to survive. It has 5×4 reels and over 50 lines and is very interesting to play.


Starburst Arguably the most popular slot game as yet, Starburst took the online gambling world by storm. Developed by NetEnt, this intergalactic slot game is one of the best games ever made by the company and five reels containing ten lines to bet on. It also has a high payout, with a maximum of $100,000 on the jackpot.
poker tournament

7 poker tournament tips for running deep more often

Poker tournaments are fun events, but at the same time, it needs more than the skills to be in the game. It requires concentration and dedication for that. Your survival in the game entirely depends upon you and the skills you have acquired in the play throughout your time. The tournaments are one such event where everything comes to play and the best one gets to take the trophy home. The preparation requires your strong determination and dedication towards the play. Though the tournaments can be unprecedented, the better practice can increase your chances.

1.Start low:

For a beginner, Poker tournaments can be complex. It is the most overwhelming event, but to play a stable game, one needs to be tight. You can start by playing a tight game and as the game progresses, you can loosen up with your bets. The initial rounds should be for relaxation and avoid big bets unless you have a big hand. carried away

2.Don’t get carried away:

A Bubble can be an extremely dangerous situation. So what is a bubble? A bubble in a poker tournament is when you are a few steps away from the prize. This is stressful and if you let your emotions get the best of you, it can end up a disaster. Take every step with caution and measure everything you do on the table.


In some places, playing shorthanded can be a nice strategy but not when you are in the middle of the round where playing aggressive is the only thing you need. If you find your hand a little weak and you think you are in an awkward position, the best you can play is to be aggressive.


Poker is an unprecedented game where anything can happen in the blink of your eye. Should you succeed all your opponents and reached the end of the tournaments, you need to be careful at this point? You will require to put as much pressure as possible on your opponent lest he will do the same. Heads-up


If at the final of the game, your opponent wants to split the prize money. Don’t be fooled and make the best of the situation. You should reject their offers but if you get the best deal, depending upon your hand, you can either accept it or reject it.

6.Be careful about the Chips:

The more chips you have in the game, the better. Keep a track of your chips, how many came in, and how many went out. The chips determine the nature of your game and you should always keep it at a healthy level. Chips


Money is the central thing of gambling. Poker tournaments are like fairs and you will not know how you spent the money. Don’t spend too much too early on the wrong buy-in and calculate your steps.


Poker tournaments are fun events but at the same time, you should be careful about how you spend the money. This is the basic part of any type of gambling.

How to play casino games, slots, and more?

Hitting a casino for the first time can be confusing and if you don’t know what you are looking for, this can add to the confusion. Though the first-time experience is supposed to leave you confused, if you know what you are supposed to do, you will get along soon. So before you hit a land-based casino or online, the things you should consider are easy and convenient. First of all, you should know what games, you are about to play and act accordingly. The best is to practice.

How to play casino games?

That entirely depends upon your game. If you are a beginner, you need to know certain things before you go into gaming. The first thing is to identify your game. You can’t master all of the games but you can improve your skills in one or two. Identify the game you are going to play at the casino and practice it. Either with your friends or on several websites that offer free casino games. This will help you when you wager your money. Whether that’s Blackjack or Poker, the more you practice, the better you get.


Over the decades, Slots have just become better. Ever since its inception, it has continued to dominate the Casino industry. As of now, it’s very entertaining and knows how to keep you hitched. Spend some time studying the slot machine. They are completely random and there is no other way around it. The only thing you can do is to find a game that has a high RTP (return-to-player). Games with high RTP’s will have a better rate of giving back than the ones with less RTP. You can find websites that have a particular section where games with high RTP are mentioned.

Gaming in general:

Casino gaming has changed a lot in recent decades. Whether it’s the outreach or technology. Slot games have transformed into whole new things, but the most spectacular thing to have happened in the recent past is the beginning of online Casino. Though in the beginning, they suffered from the crowd, as of now, they are dominating the internet. It’s quite easy to play any game on them; all you need to do is to sign up for the casino and start playing your game. The registration process is quite simple and you will have no problem doing so. Gaming


Casino gaming has changed a lot in recent years. Casinos are not just places of gambling now, but it also hosts live shows, elegant restaurants, and shopping places. The advent of online casinos has brought the industry right to a new demographic of customers and even to places where there was an impossibility of reaching. The gaming has become easier with many sites offering free practice of your favorite casino game. Though the industry has achieved a lot in recent years, there is much that needs to be done in many countries.
Live Dealer Roulette

Top 5 tips for playing Live Dealer Roulette

Online casinos are fun to play but if you have a piece of expert advice, this can turn into a lot of fun. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while playing Live Dealer Roulette. These rules are universal. When it comes to gambling there are certain things in general that you should keep in mind lest you will get confused or it will affect your game. To be on the safer side, one needs to weigh all the options and calculate their steps. Gambling is all about the right steps at the right moment.

Choose the correct variation:

Though there are various variations in the Roulette, you will only find few in the online version. These include American, European, and French. You need to choose the correct version from these options. The majority of the experts emphasize on avoiding the American version and going for European and French. You can choose anyone from the two but refrain from the American Version. The reason for this is that they offer a lower house edge than the American one.

Don’t play the worst:

The most common mistake many beginners do is to bet on a single number. If you bet on an individual number, the chances are very less for you to jit it. Instead, you should distribute your bet among various numbers. Spread your bet across rows, columns, odds, and colors. This will increase your chances, but make sure not to bet it all. The reaped amount should always be higher than the wagered one.

Imbalanced wheels:

roulette-live-casino The commonly held belief is that after certain use the Roulette wheels get imbalanced and tend to favor certain sections or numbers. Since Live Roulette is played with a real wheel, the case will be the same. This forces players to believe in something completely absurd. The casinos will not allow a wheel that is unbalanced to go live. This is not how the Casinos work.


Strategies are supposed to work in certain cases. However, in Live Roulette games, they are obsolete. You should not trust so much on the betting strategies as they are proven worthless when it comes to the Live Dealer games. Though one thing you can do is to properly manage your money and keep a particular amount ready before you hit the game.

Outside bets:

If you wager a huge amount of money, play outside bets. They are Red/Black, Even/Odd, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, and avoid single number bets, corner bets, and split bets. The more numbers you bet, the better. In case, you are willing to place a huge amount on the inside bet, use outside bets to cover your losses. However, you should use your head when wagering any amount so that your profit is higher than your wagered amount.


Live Dealer Roulette has no place for superstition, but the best part about Roulette is that it is unprecedented and surprising. You don’t know what the next spin is going to bring.

Massive win to remember at our Casino

Gambling has been part of our life ever since we started trading. The history of gambling goes side by side. Though in the last few decades, the industry has grown a lot by the magnitude. The casinos are places where huge amounts are swapped; whether it’s a loss for the house or wins. The money comes and goes. Though many are there, some just steal the place. Not that these wins involve a huge of money but the skill that made this possible is also appreciable. They have a lot to teach other players.

1.$21 million:

It’s unimaginable if one wins such a huge amount, but when it comes to Casinos, everything is possible. Elmer Sherwin, not only won $21 million but also won an additional $4.6 million. Sherwin, a World war veteran was 76 years old when he won the amount. He donated a lot of amount to Victims of Hurricane Katrina. casino

2. $8.9 million

This is another massive win. Amy Nishimura won $8.9 million when she was on a vacation in Vegas. 71-year-old Amy played the same machine every time she visited Vegas. Surprisingly, she had played for less than $100 before hitting the jackpot. When it comes to Slots in Vegas, they are not just unpredictable but also can real you a huge amount.

3. $39.7 million

This win was recorded at Excalibur Casino when an unknown man was passing his time when he hit the biggest jackpot of all time. He decided to take it in the installments for the next 25 years. Excalibur Casino

4. Between $20 million and $40 million

Kerry Packer, an Australian billionaire was known for one of his high-roller adventures. He merely thought about his money but used such experiences to beat the heat. During one of the trips in 1997, he won $20-4o million from Blackjack and baccarat. He is believed to have tipped a million to a Doorman. Though he lost $28 million in a London Casino later.

5. $680,000 and $27+ million

The win happened at the Palace Station Hotel. The 60-year-old woman made her first win of $680,000 but she continued to play. This continued for months, and she won $27 million at last.

6. $11 million

When it comes to the casino, the opportunity is fair for everyone. Whether it’s the high roller or normal gambler, the luck can favor anyone. The same thing happened to the postal worker, Joh Tippin in 1996 when he was on a vacation in Las Vegas. He even has a book published titled I Did It! My Life After Megabucks(2001). Las Vegas


Massive wins are normal in a casino. Inside the house, you have the opportunity to take a hefty amount home. There is no space for superstition, though the factors depend on luck, mostly it’s how much skill you acquire at the game. Whether it’s the slots or the table games, dedication, determination, knowledge, concentration, and the right steps at the right moment will certainly help you.
Autoplay feature

Things to know about Autoplay feature in online slots

Over the past decade, online casinos have taken over the gambling industry in general. However, when it comes to slots, they are not only popular in land-based casinos but also online. They have become synonymous with the gaming industry. Not only that, but casinos also are incomplete without slots machines. Initially installed to attract old and women, Slots have made their journey into the mainstream, but when it comes to online slots, there are a lot of features that you would find interesting and can help you with the game. online slots

What is the autoplay feature?

Most of the online slots come with Autoplay feature these days, but what is it anyway? As the name itself says, it’s an Autoplay button. So that means you don’t have to spin yourself but the machine will do the most work for you. It will spin over and over, showing the results and then moving on. Completely automated, this is one of the best things if you are having a stable budget. Most of the slots come with this feature and you won’t have a problem finding that. However, some may not have the feature at all, but as far as the popular ones are concerned, they have already got it.

How does it work?

The Autoplay feature works exactly as the name tells. It spins on its own without engaging the player. This means the player can sit back and relax. If you are tired after playing a lot and still want to gamble, Autoplay is a feature exactly designed for that purpose. You will have to fix the number of spins and then activate it. The machine will spin for the exact number of spins and show you the results. If there is a win, the player will be accumulated and the winning will be shown on the screen.

Can I play in between the game?

Well. That depends. If that’s a bonus round and you have triggered it, the player can play the bonus round and after the round is finished, the Autoplay feature is activated automatically and ends only when the set number of rounds has finished.

Should I use Autoplay?

It depends on what you are looking for. As far as bonus rounds are concerned, you should activate the Autoplay, that would be a better choice. It can also be used in Progressive jackpots where it can grab the first prize that you can get. Entirely, dependent on you. The Autoplay feature increases the chances of prizes at the minimum time. If you are running errands and want to play the slot at the same time, the Autoplay feature is a good option to activate.


In short, Autoplay is a good option available in most of the slots. If you require it at any time, you can just activate the button and sit back and relax; This comes handy when you are running two tasks at the same time. But in nutshell, it is indeed a good option.

How To Play Craps – Learn In Less Than 4 Minutes

Craps is a game that you can see being played in every casino, with a lot of people around the table at all times. But what exactly is craps and how do you play it? Here is how you can learn to play craps. To begin, you will have to make sure that a black marker on the side of the table shows ‘OFF’. If the marker is white and says ‘ON’ in black lettering, it means that a game is being played and you will have to wait your turn. It is only when the white side is flipped and black side up that you are allowed to put cash on the table and buy chips. The dealer takes your money and gives you an equivalent number of chips.

Passline Betting

Passline bets are made on a line that is directly in front of you. You are essentially betting on the person throwing the dice. Whatever their result is, win or loss is yours as well. You win when the dice reads 7 or 11, and lose when it reads 2,3 or 12. If you roll any other number, a white marker is turned ‘ON’ on the number. The dice is rolled until the same number appears. If the thrower rolls a seven before they roll the next identical number, you win.

Come Bet

It is essentially like betting on the passline, but instead, here, you bet on the second roll of the dice. There is a COME line close to the top of the table, and if you bet on it, and get a 7 or 11 on the second roll of dice, you win.

Don’t Pass line

The don’t pass line is essentially a line that is the opposite of the pass line. This means that if you roll a 2 or 3, you win, but if you roll a 12 you are tied, and you keep your money. If the dealer rolls any other number, you are betting that the seven will come before that number on the next turn.

Place Bets

  This is one of the most popular ways to play craps. You place bets on 4,5,6,8 and 10, with a minimum of 6 dollars on six and eight, while betting a minimum of five on the rest of the numbers. It is possible to take down and put up bets at any time. You can win extra as well if you play this way.


You can place your bets on the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and win according to the throw of dice. 2 and 12 pay double the amount you bet.

All You Need To Know About Free Spin Bonuses

Free spin bonuses are the most preferred type of bonuses in slot games, even more so in online casinos. Even though most online casinos do give free spin bonuses as part of the game, it was not always so. Free spin bonuses were introduced as a marketing strategy for certain casinos and is not a fundamental feature of online casinos. But for people who are new to online casinos and to the free spin bonus, here are some of the things to keep in mind.

What Are Free Spin Bonuses?

Spins Bonuses A free spin is essentially a spin of a slot machine without paying for the spin. This means that in the game When you spin, no money will be taken from you for that turn. There are also free spin bonuses where you get a number of free spins together. These are called bonus rounds and are an absolute free chance to win big at an online casino.

New Player Free Spin Bonuses

Free spin bonuses are given to new players at the casino to attract more players. These bonuses are really big and work effectively in luring in more players. However, this was misused by players. People would simply play the game for the free spins and leave, not paying for further gameplay. However, casinos, both brick and mortar and online overcame this difficulty effectively by offering free spins to players who would take up an account for playing. This ensured that only genuinely interested players would participate.

Mobile Free Spin Bonuses

Mobile Free Spin Bonuses Online gambling has exploded in the past decade, and a part of the reason is the easy accessibility of the same due to smartphones. Smartphones have increasingly been becoming powerful, and so, the online gambling market has grown to accommodate mobile platforms as well. This is especially effective because people use smartphones than they do desktop or laptop computers, and therefore it becomes easier to play since it is easily accessible. So free spins on mobile versions of slot games are quite popular.

Wagering Requirements

Casinos do not give out free spins without wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are prerequisites of the casino that needs to be fulfilled in order to wager. This varies from casino to casino but basically requires you to deposit a particular amount in order to bring the casino some profit. This usually means that you need to play a certain number of times to get a free spin. This ensures that you do not have absolute certainty of winning, without giving the casino something.