iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    If anyone was paying the least bit of attention, than YES.

    If you need help, let us know ur situation by staring a thread.

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    Flash with dosflash2(slim 0225 )

    Hello to all
    want to flash slim 0225 mxic chip with dosflash2 (because my PC chipset is not compatible with JF, ican see the information of drive in JF but cant get into vendor mode) my question is..
    1-can i use dosflash2 to write LT3 ?
    2-By using dosflash2 with this PC(asus M2n E-sli chipset:nvidia nforce 500)can get into vendor easy and write firmware ?

    Slim lite on 0225 Mxic chip unlock SPI
    i have the Dummy,Key ....
    Mainboard:asus M2n E-sli chipset:nvidia nforce 500
    unfortunately i have not any TX products

    thanx so much

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    I have a phat 360 with a lite-on, can anyone tell me if this kit has everything I need except the probe 3?Buy - XCONSOLES USA - Fast WorldWide Shipping

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