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    Reballing without the blue clamp?

    Hey, I've got everything I need to reball, minus that square clamp with the handles. Can I do it without that? so far I'm struggling because I can't get all the balls in, I end up pulling more out while trying to put the missing ones in, then there's the case of removing the CPU/GPU from the stencil without knocking the balls. I don't want to spend 80 on something that should be worth a tenner. How can I go about it?


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    Dont try to reball without proper equipment, it is a lost endeavor. You need a jig and stencils in order to reball a chip. Unless you have an achi rework machine or better don't even try it. I reball only last resort and with a new chip. Normally the resident chip will not withstand the heat.

    I'm curious to know what equipment you have?
    I'm not trying to be a downer I've got some of the best equipment and I've learned from experience the best techniques and unless you have top of the line everything it can be a real bitch...solder balls have to be the best use Chemwick for desoldering etc..
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    What solder balls are recommended to use? I've seen 25K from $3 to $25 USD.

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