iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    The penny trick is definitely a stopgap - It will need a reball/reflow sooner or later. As far as the two rings after a couple minutes - as others have said, thats generally an overheating issue - Are you sure you have the heatsinks mounted properly, and didn't glob on way too much thermal compound?

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    ya make sure u have the correct amount of compound and that there was absolutely no residue left on the chips and that they had a complete mirror finish
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    it usually works just fine right up until the exact moment it breaks.
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    Tough to unlock an MXIC chip? About as tough as taking a dump after half a litre of turbolax 5000.

    if it aint broke, fix it

    drive flashing, key retrievals and rgh/jtag services

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    No matter what you do, it will keep overheating and eventually perminatly die - whether you reball or not. You need to improve the whole cooling system.

    In my experience, the thermal paste doesnt really matter. ATM I am running my 360 with plastic type thermal paste (the stuff you are meant to use for RAM chips). And with a temp probe my GPU reads 32oC and CPU read 30oC. Note stock temps of original 360's are something like ~70-100oC and slim 360s are like 50-70oC.

    Replace the xclams with screws for better contract, use thermal paste (I arguee that what type or how much is not important, but silver stuff is be better), take the dvd drive out and put a fan ontop of the GPU. Extend the dvd drive power cable and put in a standard length SATA cable and run the dvd drive externally. Also cut a whole in the xbox case so the new fan has a duct to pull air from

    -OR- Buy a Slim 360.

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