Apols if this has been answered already - i did take a look before posting and couldn't find the specific answer.

I have a Lite-on 74850 drive flashed to 1.1+, I have the dummy.bin file. I understand that I need to do the following in JF to return to stock:

load dummy.bin as source
ignore autoload
load stock fw as target
spoof source to target
check keys match
save file
goto mtk32 tab
lite on erase

So far so good....

Then I update to latest dashboard...

Here's my Q - After updating to latest dashboard - do I start from scratch to obtain the key again or can I go straight to erase/write with Lt 1.9 CFW?

Again apols if this has been answered or it's a simple yes or no - just want to make sure i dont bodge the drive.