iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    Spoofed Drives and New Update

    Hi I am new here, long time reader, first time poster.

    Anyways I read in another forum that if you place a Stock Drive of another console with it's original dvd Key (not spoofed), the new update will flash the drive to New OFW (New Stock) without error.

    You can then flash the New Stock OFW Drive to CFW LTv1.x without spoofing the key of the original console and it will work. I am a bit sketchy on the details because I am not so sure about it myself. Hence I need guidance.

    Here is my info and my question:

    I have a Benq spoofed as Liteon.

    Lets say Liteon Key is 12345 (LITEON_12345) And the Spoofed Key is the same (obviously) [BENQ_12345(SPOOFED)]

    The Benq Original Key is ABCDE
    The Spoofed key is 12345 [BENQ_12345(SPOOFED) as Liteon]

    So I flash OFW with the Original Benq Key i.e. ABCDE [BENQ_ABCDE_OFW] and update the console?

    The console will be unable to play anything since the drive is a mismatch - correct?

    Once updated, I flash LT v1.1 (or LT V2.0, once released) Benq without spoofing the key back to 12345 (Liteon). [BENQ_ABCDE(UPDATED TO New OFW) + LT V1.X OR 2.0] and place it in my console and all should work?

    Will ABCDE become the New Key 'married' to the console?

    My new CFW Key+Drive will look like this:

    BENQ_ABCDE_LT+V1.x rather than BENQ_12345_LT+V1.x right?

    According to what I understood from the other forum it should work on the console and play all but AP2.5 games (since the challenges have changed) if I were to use LTv1.1.

    Personally I'll wait until 1.9 or 2.0 and then update but I wanted to know if I had grasped this correctly; so that when I decide to update I can use this method.


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    Key is a key. Doesn't matter if came from a Benq or Lite-On. Don't spoof as there is no reason too. Read the key and save it. Then flash Benq original firmware with that key. Then check to make sure you did it right by playing an original disc. If works then you can update. If you spoof as another drive other than Benq the update will fail. But a Lite-On key is just like a Benq key, Samsung key, or Hitachi key.

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    If you have the OFW then just put that back on. Update, Then Re-flash to lt+1.1. You will not be able to play ap2.5 so why not wait till that comes out. I had a xbox that had what I thought was ixtream 1.6 on it, I did the update without doing anything to the drive, I was then put on the flagged list for have a different firmware. So it depends on what you want to do? Do you want to play on live or do you want to play ap2.5 games. If it is the ap2.5 games wait. If it is live then Flash OFW then update, then re-flash to LT +1.1

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    Thanks for the quick response and help.

    @ Holdout:

    Let's see if I understand correctly:

    You're saying I should leave the Lite-On Key intact on the Benq and flash Stock Benq FW to it. So I will get something like this:

    (LiteOnDVDKey)_BENQ_STOCK_FW; and then update the dash?

    Once I have Flashed this BENQ Stock FW, I test it with one of my originals and if it works then it is ok to update. Sounds too easy.

    I have both the LiteOn and Benq DVDKeys dumped.

    Once updated I flash it to Benq LTv1.x correct?

    In short:
    (LiteOnKey)Benq LT1.1>To (LiteOnKey)Benq STOCK>
    >Update Dash>
    (LiteOnKey)Benq NEW STOCK>To (LiteOnKey)Benq LT1.9 or LT2.0

    Is the above what you were getting at?


    Not interested in xbox live, was planning on waiting for LT 1.9 or 2.0 anyways, but was just curious to know more about spoofing and the new dash so that I was informed once new CFW was available.

    I assume you are implying Benq OFW just like Holdout right?

    Thanks again.
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