iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    Talking Cant play burned games on my xbox 360

    Two years ago my friend modified my Xbox 360 so i can play burned games. He used to sell me brand new burned games for around 10 bucks. I tried burning Read Dead Redemption (Im not planning on playing this game on life, I just want the story mode) on a DVD+R DL, twice, using the .dvd files. Once was with CloneCD and the other was with ImgBurn. Everytime I put in a DVD+R, it loads for a second then the next thing I see is the Xbox 360 logo, and it stays up there. I know my 360 is still modded because it still plays all the games that he sold me. Ive lost touch with my friend, so that creates a very big problem! Im having a a hard time because I dont want to run out of DVDs trying to figure out myself. The only thing i know is that my 360 is a Benq...I really want to play this game!!

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    Re: Cant play burned games on my xbox 360

    If your box hasn't been updated in the past two years your DVD firmware is outdated. Update your benq to LT 1.1

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