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    Unhappy Jtagging, a few questions :)

    Hi everyone, i recently bought a falcon elite from one of my brothers friends and the dashboard is definately exploitable(the old blades style 6000 something), im just wondering about a few things before i attempt to jtag it.

    1. I have a computer with an lpt port on the back but it's an old and crappy computer, is there anyway to jtag using a usb?

    2.Does anyone have a link to a video or very good picture guide as a few i have found, the soldering points are hard to understand.

    3.My soldering skills are reasonable, i have installed rapid fire kits in controllers for friends and changed the leds, will i be able good enough to do the jtag hack?

    thanks in advance,

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    Re: Jtagging, a few questions :)

    I followed this tutorial and never had any problems: http://docs.google.com/View?id=dnfmv5h_0hbhwdzfv

    In this tutorial they also explain how to make your own usb interface to do the jtag. Or you can always buy an lpt to usb interface card. It has to be a whole card, an lpt to usb cable alone isn't enough.

    If you can solder a little bit, you'll be fine. I placed the wire on the hole and applied a little pressure on it. Then I heated up the wire untill at a point it gets hot enough to melt the solder which is allready in the motherboard. At that point the wire just 'sinks' into the hole. So it's not basic soldering, I think it's even easier this way.

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