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    Xbox Slim wireless connection issue

    Hi I recently moved house, I have always used a wired connection with my xbox slim but now I need to use the wireless network. When I perform a network test I am told that the xbox has failed to connect to the router.
    The xbox detects the router in the wireless menu and I know the network name and password are correct.
    Does any body know a solution to this problem, and yes I have tried turning the router on and off, lol.

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    Your question is a little to general for specific help.
    Try these, if they don't work, provide all the details you can.
    Xbox 360 Wireless Internet | Xbox 360 Wireless Internet Connection - Xbox.com
    Can't Connect to Xbox LIVE Solution - Xbox.com
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    It's most likely a issue with your router. You should try to do a hard reset which will restore the router to default settings. Hold the reset button on the back of the router for 10 seconds. Now your going to have to reconfigure your router.

    Find the new SSID (wireless network name) and connect to it. Sometimes their is a sticker on the router with the SSID and password. Open up your web browser and type in your routers default ip address which can be found here.. Enter the username and password. You can find a nice list here.. Every GUI is different so I can't help you further but you should set a strong WPA2 password and change the routers default password.
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