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Thread: help please

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    help please

    i just bought this asus drive which can be crossflashed i was wondering if i need a molex to powerbrick for it. im using a laptop and i already have a sata port on it so i dont need a sata to usb.

    but i do have a desktop pc which is unused and is old can i just take the cover off and use its molex power?

    (asus i bought)
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    Yes you can. Are you sure it's a regular SATA port and not an E-SATA port?
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    Never seen a external SATA port on a laptop. E-SATA/USB is very common. Even the on board SATA for your DVD drive should be a female end. A old pc will be fine. I have my iHas installed in a very old Compaq Deskpro En with a 667 MHz processor and 384 MB of RAM. Great MKM-001 KProbe results with these setting MUST READ FOR PEOPLE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH MKM001 - Team Xecuter

    Edit: I don't want to point anybody in the wrong direction so if somebody here will confirm that this works. I found this link http://bit.ly/LPWoNo
    For $7+free shipping, it includes a AC to SATA power adaptor & a SATA to USB adaptor. Seems like a good deal if your stateside.
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