iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    firmware parse failed

    Hi, a friend of mine has asked me to repair their xbox. (sorry about the essay!)

    I have had quite a lot of experiance flashing drives but this one has me stumped!
    when booting up the green power light blinks as if no drive is connected, then 1 red light comes on showing E65
    so I assume this has the wrong drive (I believe it should have a samsung or hitachi) but there is a Benq drive connected

    connect benq to jungleflasher, not reconised, managed to get into vendor mode by 'intro id' when tray half closed
    dump flash only to get an error returned

    JF log:

    JungleFlasher 0.1.91 Beta (300)

    Session Started Mon Apr 30 13:36:49 2012

    This is a 32 bit process running on 2 x 32 bit CPUs

    portio32.sys Driver Installed

    portio32.sys Driver Started, thanks Schtrom !

    Found 9 I/O Ports.

    Found 1 Com Ports.

    Found 3 windows drives C: E: F:

    Found 1 CD/DVD drives E:

    Sending Vendor Intro to port 0xA000

    Status 0x80

    Re-sending Vendor Intro:


    Serial flash found with Status 0x73

    Sending Device ID request to port 0xA000

    Manufacturer ID: 0xC2

    Device ID: 0x11

    Flash Name: MXIC(MX25L2005)

    Flash Size: 262144 bytes

    Getting Status from port 0xA000

    Serial flash found with Status 0x73

    Reading Bank 0: ................

    Reading Bank 1: ................

    Reading Bank 2: ................

    Reading Bank 3: ................

    Dumped in 5288mS

    Benq Dump file saved to BENQ-OFW.bin

    Loading firmware from buffer

    Parse Failed !

    Loading MTK_Flash source file

    Loading firmware file C:\Users\Rhys\Desktop\keys\work\BENQ-OFW.bin

    MD5 hash: 703a6e8bd3460b4999cfbfd6abf48a73

    Parse Failed !

    Is there any way to extract the DVD key from the firmware, I have tried a hex editor but I am very much a novice with that!

    any help appreciated, thanks!

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    Outro the drive and remove power and sata for a few min then go back through the guide from the start. If its still happeneing then its Firmware corruption.
    You could probably get the key from the dump using HEX but I have never tried and I am not sure if there is a way to tell if the key got corrupted with the rest of it.
    Not sure you have a way out other than outro-intro-ing the drive a few times.
    RGH can be done to get the key from the board but its a lot of work unless you get someone to do it for you and that will be at a price.

    Edit, any hardmods been done to it. Eg cut traces and so on. Would not be the first time!

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