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    360 quiet cooling mods

    So I'm going to buy one of those old 2006 xbox's with the samsung disk drives (to avoid the ap25 checks) and flash it, however these are older units, and are more prone for hardware failure and are (most likely) louder in general. From my research, the xbox 360 has 2 case fans only, the CPU and GPU are actually just covered by heatsinks with no fans. The 2 back fans are somewhat effective, but loud and M$ does a terribly poor thermal paste job on your hardware in general. See an example for yourself: http://www.everything4360.com/images..._light_fix.jpg

    This is my solution:
    First, replace the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU with some arctic silver thermal paste I had lying around. This in itself, will lower temps significantly. In addition, I'm going to purchase one of these multi-fan controllers that runs off a EXTERNAL power source thus avoiding soldering the motherboard and potentially ruining one of these, hard-to-find older xbox's, through a wall power outlet. I have some soldering experience, but im not taking any risks.

    Link for the controller here: Silenx IXAFCEX Four Channel External Fan Controller at TigerDirect.com

    I will custom fit it in either the front, or rear panel of the xbox 360 where it will control a variety of fans and speeds; 2 for the back case fans (loudest part), 1 fan that I will mount in front of the CPU heatsink, and 1 for the GPU heatsink. More fans would make more noise however, all fans would be small enough to turn the xbox on without waking the neighbors, and proper fan placement would push air more efficiently through the poorly designed case (especially the heat radiating from the CPU and GPU heatsinks).

    As for the cord, Im going to feed it through the back mesh around the power plug in the back, zip tie it to the 360 cord/power brick, and put a simple 2 to 1 ac adapter at the end. The cord will look unsleek and gross probably, but it would avoid soldering completely, and greatly extend the life of my console.

    Let me know what you think. Improvements/replacements, better ideas? I want to avoid water cooling completely.

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    be sure to put a 2nd gen heatsink on it so the fan can cool both the cpu and the gpu, thermal pads on the underside ram chips should also help. I used a usb powered fan that I got off ebay for my extra cooling fan. The only problem with that is it runs all the time because the xbox's usb ports never power off. So eventually, I expect to have to oil the fan if it starts sounding loud.
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    i have modded my xbox360 with a bigger heatsink from Thermalright (TR360)

    and added a couple of 50 MM fans inside
    1 mounted on GPU heatsink and 1 mounted on the metal case ,on the right side.

    the 50 mm fans run on 7 volts.
    red wire on 12volt .
    black wire on 5 volt.

    a larger HDD and installing games on HDD killed 90% of the noise.
    and ofcourse running 7 volts instead of 12 volt makes it less noisy. (but you will need a good heatsink for that)

    im also Planning on modding the rear fans ,next time im gonna mod my xbox.
    im still a little busy with my Amiga and PC.

    but im gonna buy 2 Nexus silent case fans and mod them to fit at the rear.
    probaly i need to clue them together, and change the 3 pin connector.
    maybe saw off the corners ,so it will fit .
    use double sided tape and/or screws to mount it .

    the Nexus fans look very silent , but problem is they have less cfm.
    so it would be smart to first mod the heatsink .

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    I watercool it.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rjrolyn View Post
    I watercool it.....
    cool.... But it's expensive and I think it enough with 2gen heatsinks and an extra fan.

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