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    how to make Philips BD2700/05 blueray player region free?

    hi guys,
    hope that some can help.
    ive just bought a philips BDP2700/05 dvd player bought in the uk and iam looking for anyone who has managed
    to find a hack that works to make the player region free, ive tried this,
    1 open the tray
    2 go to setup
    3 use the arrow to go down to preference page
    4 enter "138931"
    5 then region 0 is on the screen
    6 press ok
    and it didnt work then i tried this and it didnt work also so,

    1. Make sure there is no disc in the tray when you switch on.
    2. Press "home" key on remote control.
    3. Enter number "1389310".
    4. Switch off. Wait a few seconds and then switch on...now region free.
    ive look all over the net and keep getting the same ways of doing it but no luck,

    it feels like ive tried every combination but no luck.
    hope someone can help.
    many thanks
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