iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    RGH DLC and XBLA games

    How do you add DLC and XBLA games to your RGH to be able to play them?
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    You upload them via a ftp client i use 360 content manager as it also sorts the content into the correct places, download xm360 run that to unlock dlc, sorted

    Both content manager and xm360 can unlock the files

    Link - 360 Content Manager For Jtag & Rgh 360s - Version 2.2 - Scenyx Entertainment Community
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    Another option is to copy it to a 360 formatted USB storage device from the console it was downloaded to from LIVE. Then connect it to the hacked console and copy it to the internal HDD or run it from USB.

    Keep in mind that DLC and XBLA games will not run from a FAT32 formatted USB device and they need to be unlocked one way or another.
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