iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    J-Runner - The Ultimate JTAG/RGH App Download

    Official Release of J-Runner
    J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack
    J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack
    J-Runner v3 (5) Core Pack

    Version 3 Build 5
    CR4 support
    Server changes
    Pirs Viewer
    CB Fuse reference table
    Version 3 Build 4
    Added an option to prepare an hdd for use with an XBox One. It's beta so use it at your own risk. We used x360usb v1 on our tests.
    Fixed hex editor popping up when exctracting files
    Version 3 Build 3
    Bug Fixes
    Dynamic size when reading full dumps of "Corona 4GB", should work with XBOX One
    Version 3 Build 2
    JR-P menu with power on, shutdown and bootloader mode commands Warning: when in bootloader mode, JR-P needs to get reflashed to go into normal mode again
    Bug Fixes
    Version 3 Build 1
    Support for new dashlaunch/xeBuild
    Latest XeLL
    Support for 16537 dash
    XVal, why? no reason
    XVal related function but for secdata.bin
    Get Latest System Update function (hope MS won't bother JR downloading it)
    xsvf LPT support for XP users (for those cheap asses who didn't buy a JR-P)
    ECC files updated with new XeLL
    both minor and major bugfixes and bug creations (As always please report bugs to make JR better )
    Build 290
    Changed way it handles ECC on 14719< nands
    Instead of Write ECC* there is now Create ECC* (blame Martin_C)
    It has been altered due to a large number of users who didn't understand the process,
    and to bring it in line with the normal process.
    For all RGH, Read Nand, Create ECC*, Write ECC, get CPU key, Create Image and Write Image.
    Create ECC* will now transfer your KV into the premade ECC, so people wont lose it (who does that anyway)
    and so we won't have people asking why they can't see their DVD key in XELL
    Added Console type on CPU Key database.
    If you double click on a row the CPU Key will be loaded and if you press the ... button to load a nand,
    you should be automatically taken to the serial folder it belongs in (if you still have the nands in their respective serial folders)
    Scan Folders should auto populate info on previous entries
    More Bug fixes and Improvements
    Build 289
    Added R-JTAG checkbox
    Added Corona 3+ selection in CR3 Pro Rater (fake post)
    Fixed Minor Bug
    Build 288
    Added DGX to RGX Conversion XSVF's
    Added TX released ECC files For use to obtain CPUKeys on dashes greater than 14719
    Removed Write DGX Options (now writes correct ECC dependant upon nand loaded/selected)
    Added Menu option to write new ECC files if you havent loaded a nand
    Added Ability for LTP and Nand-x to write x128 XSVFs
    Added Protection check whilst using JR Programmer (in case you stupidly try to write a XSVF to CR3Pro)
    Moved Trinity XSVF radio button into RGH2 group
    Fixed bug creating image without nanddump.bin
    Fixed bug on Custom XeBuild Commands
    Build 287
    Added CR3 Pro Rater
    Fixed some bugs
    Build 286
    Added support for LTU required files on "Extract files" function for use with JungleFlasher
    Build 285
    Added BGA on Corona v4 size as acceptable
    Added Write DGX button when nand requiring DGX is loaded
    Added Alternate DGX for Corona
    Added Corona_en files for demon
    Added Xell Freeboot for Corona with Full HDMI support
    Fixed Bug in write nand, removed need for delay setting writing to nand with JRP
    Improved Sonus360 Custom editor Functionality
    Fixed settings save error
    Fixed inability to select Full Dump on BB consoles
    Fixed SMC config bug
    More bugs fixed
    Altered available Dashes for direct download through J-Runner (Now limited - Dont go downloading more dash versions than you need! - Conserve the Bandwidth) You're now limited to number of dashes/time frame
    Additional Files:
    Download 16202 Files: 16202 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 15574 Files: 15574 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 14719 Files: 14719 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 14717 Files: 14717 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 14699 Files: 14699 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 13604 Files: 13604 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 13599 Files: 13599 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 13146 Files: 13146 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 12625 Files: 12625 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 12611 Files: 12611 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 9199 Files: 9199 Additional Pack.rar
    Download 7371 Files: 7371 Additional Pack.rar
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    ABGX Settings

    CG Pro Gaming Tournaments

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    Thanks Slick.
    I'm only smart cause I did it every wrong way already.

    Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) Guide

    Why not to spoof drives

    "Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot."

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    Yes its here

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    #J-Runner Their support channel.

    ^^ Hate it....

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    J-Runner will now prompt you when updates are available from within the J-Runner program, no need to keep downloading the latest version once you have J-Runner v02 beta (275)
    Rules To Follow

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    Is it possible to JTAG my Version of the Xbox 360?

    2.0.8955.0 - Kernel
    2.0.8955.0 - Dashboard

    I was wondering if it's possible to JTAG my XBOX 360. I want to Backup my Original Disc(s).

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    Please don't double post, and additionally DON'T thread jack.

    I will not give you "workaround" solutions. Do it right, or don't do it at all!

    Before asking questions... please take time to check out the following:
    iXtreme Search Page or Google

    What is kprobe you ask? Download it here

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