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    Question Forza Motorsport 4 'disc not supported' error ?

    Ok, I burnt Forza 4 and it gave me the disc not supported error.

    I didnt do anything with abgx or whatever, Im kinda new to this and have no idea what it is ..

    Only thing I did was burn the ISO file (of disc 1) with Imgburn, burn speed 3x, veryfied fine.. It said that the file was too big, and I checked it on the web and it said that I should 'check' the write untill the end of the disc option.

    I've put the disc in the Xbox, it recognized that it is Forza Motorsport 4, there was the picture and everything.. then when I tried to enter the game it gave me the error.

    I just took my xbox to be flashed 2 days ago so its supposed to be the newest firmware I guess. Plus Fifa 12 is working fine.

    PLEASE help!

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    You still didn't run your backup throughh abgx 1.0.6!!!! R u using Vebatim discs made in singapore? R u using a Liteon Ihas burner flashed with Burnermax FW to burn your discs? Huge thread on this,,,,,,,,READ IT.


    Start over!

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    you need an liteon IHAS burner

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