iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    yes i have done both. is twitpic an allowed link


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    hole a little large lol you may have hit some other wires as it looks a tad high to
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    it usually works just fine right up until the exact moment it breaks.
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    Tough to unlock an MXIC chip? About as tough as taking a dump after half a litre of turbolax 5000.

    if it aint broke, fix it

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    Yep looking rather large there, can't see any evidence that you lined up the points in a precise fashion either which will also contribute towards your failure here. For the hell of it try it in the xbox and see if it does anything, you may get lucky, though I doubt it.

    I can't believe you kamikaze'd a MXIC chip....
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    i used the kamikaze template. i zoomed in real close, the hole is really miniscule to the eye. i read there is a way that dosflash can write to the drive but i have a usbpro on a laptop so no onboard sata

    but if were to get a sputnik would that help for my drive....

    edit: it also shows good flash properties
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