Just thought I'd give back to the community,

I had a 0225 MXIC board which I flashed with 1.92 but was getting "Play DVD" with everything including originals, however when flashed back to stock normal service was resumed. Tried reflashing several times, followed JF tutorial to the letter just to see if a tiny step was being missed out but the same results.

Read around a bit and tried flashing to 1.91 instead with the previous version of JF (1.86?) and voila, loads backups first time. Seems strange since 1.92 was supposed to be more compatible no?

Anyway, figured anyone having these issues might help themselves out with trying to load up 1.91 instead - as far as I'm aware there aren't any security issues to be aware of with using 1.91 instead of 1.92, although please point out if I'm mistaken on this.