Help is needed badly
I flashed my 0225 (labeled 9504) after Geremia kamikaze unlock, with (LT 1.91u).
I put it in XB and it actually ran one original and one backup game, but gave me 'mixed disk' or another one. That was only for 3 or 4 minutes, and then everything turned black in my face.
As I wanted to play the other game, I tried to flash with another version (1.9u), that I thought may help the problem.
Then I stared to get 'play DVD' and 'mixed disk' on the backups, and also on original. The drive seemed to be little noisy (my be higher spin rate), but I thought the drive is miss fit by some how.
The things deteriorated more and more, and every dvd I try seemed not to be read and XB screen display 'open tray' as if there is no disk on drive.
I checked the drive, the laser is ok and tries to read the disk. I could actually see the beem moving focus on disk.
But I think the problem is in the spin. The disk first doesn't spin when I first see laser, and suddenly give one short spin, and the ... nothing.
I tried flashing many versions of LT. I even tried a writing a saved file with dosflash, no way
I read abut the tray error and tray speed. Mine opens and closes normally.

Any explanation for this deterioration? Any suggestions? Any help?