Yesterday, the site was hacked. Intruders were able to gain entry via a exploit in VBulletin.

While all passwords on the site are ***NOT*** stored in plain text, it is safe to assume that the intruders were able to dump the entire DB, before they Deleted the DB off the server.

I have already updated the Vbulletin script to the latest version and re-imported a backup DB.

All users should not only update your password here, but anywhere else that you might use the same password, just to be safe.

To make matters worse, the DB backup I had to use, is around 2 months old. I usually have nightly backups, but unfortunately, theirs been a issue with the scheduled backups. I got that fixed last night, but make anything better, knowing that to move forward, we need to go back a few months.

I do apologize for this security issue. In the past 5 years since the site has been active, I've always kept the forum script up to date. It usually takes a few weeks to actually update, but none the less, it's something that I typically do right away. In this case, the exploit came out around 3 weeks ago, just didn't get it added in time.