iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    Pre-flashed Liteon- Find another key?

    Do you have to find the key again? Or will the correct one just come up in Jungle Flasher and I can just copy it?

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    Re: Pre-flashed Liteon- Find another key?

    if it is flashed with ix161 or lower i believe you can just use JF -> MTKFlash using the half-tray trick to read/write normally.

    you may have to probe PIN 1 from the DVD power cable to the R707 hole on the dvd drive board to extract the key if it's a 74850c, but i think this is not needed if ix is already flashed.

    if it is flashed with LT already, then you MUST perform the MRA hack, as if it was a 93450c lite-on model, even if it isn't, to get the key.

    either way, once the firmware is dumped, the key can be saved in JungleFlasher through the Firmware Tools tab.

    good luck

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