iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    iXtreme 1.6.1 xbox 360 phat (Lite-on => yellow cables)

    I bought my first xbox 360 in October 2009. The store where I bought it flashed it with iXtreme 1.6.1
    The MFR Date is: 2009-06-04 (xbox 360 phat / lite-on)

    Probably 10 days ago the day came that my xbox 360 got banned. So I decided to buy another xbox 360 (not modded) and use that one for multiplayer games. And the console that got banned for my backup games that don't need online functionality.
    Problem is, when I insert some of the games that worked before they now display the Xbox 360 logo. So games don't run anymore. This probably has something to do with my console being banned...
    And/or they erased iXtreme 1.6.1 with one of their updates (because I have always updated my xbox 360 when a new update came out).

    So now I and kinda trying to figure out what the best thing is I could do. For around 50 Euros I can let someone else update it to the latest version again. Or I can try to do this myself, but does it save money in the long run?
    Anyhow, I won't be playing online with that console (already banned).. so any additional security steps to not get flagged aren't necessary.

    And a final question, I heard people say that when you get banned, you can't save games on the hard disk anymore. Is that true?

    Thanks for all the help guys, really appreciated!

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    Yes you can do it yourself but you will need a ck3 and Probe 3 to get your key from your drive again, cause untill then you won't be able to flash it. The hardware needed is going to cost you probably more than the 50€ (you will probably need usb pro too and power molex if your computer chipset isn't compatible with the flashing). But in the end it will be worth it if you need to flash more often.

    And no it's not true that you can't save anymore on the banned xbox, you can even still update it too.

    If you live by any chance in holland you can PM me. Can help you with the flashing if you do 't want to try yourself

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    after being banned the 360 corrupts the saves so it'll still work on the banned 360 but not on the new one if you try and transfer game saves. The only way to transfer it and uncorrupt it is to use either modio,usbxtaff via transfer cable if you have a hdd or just your xbox formatted usb card so that it can be unflagged, rehashed, nd put back (because remember the console is banned not the profile). If your planning on still using the banned xbox in the future seeing as xdg3 is basically here i suggest just buying the ck3 pro or lite and a probe 3 and learning to do it yourself because then you'll just be wasting money going back and forth everytime m$ wants to tighten up procedure and spending more in the long run.
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