iXtreme LT+ Lite Touch Xbox 360 Drive Firmware Flashing
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    liteon DG-16D2s 83850c what firmware ?

    hi there.

    firstly i am very new to this so if this is posted somewhere else i appologise.

    I had bought a xbox360 flashed already and all was fine. i bought my son a kinect game and i believe that this updated my firmware which then made my backup games unplayable. they came up as DVD`s.

    I believe that this has taken it back to its normal firmware so i will need to flash again ?.

    i have bought all the bits needed ( i think ), external molex power cable, x360usb Pro, CK3i, probe 3.

    now i have downloaded some guides and i obviously need the original firmware and then the new custom one.

    I downloded the LT+ 3.0 and it has numerous files. can anyone please tell me which is the original ones i need and also which custom ones.

    If anything else i need or have bought is wrong then please advise.


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    See the 4th link in my signature to see which file you need.

    The bits you bought are ok.
    Before flashing, make sure you extract your DVD key!

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