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  • Rgh


    Hope someone can help here
    I son got a game that needs a live update to work.

    As the xbox360 is RGH how do I update it.


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    Get flash360 (download it) or check to see it might already be in your home brew folder.
    Put it on USB and load (or load from homebrew folder)

    3 options

    Firstly back up current NAND to file

    Now on USB stick u should have a flash dump.... Put USB in PC and drag to desktop of PC

    Open xebuild gui (downloadable)
    Open source file and direct it to flash dump

    Save output path to desktop

    Copy CPU key into box - you can get this from xell if you don't know it

    Checkboxes will all correct

    Change kernel to the latest one in the drop down

    Click generate hacked image

    Then click yes in pop up box

    On desktop u will have updflash

    Put that on usb stick and into Xbox and boot back to flash360

    Press a button then a button then start then a button

    Back out of program when finished and shut down and reboot after 30 seconds

    Job done

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