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Xbox One Freezing issue's

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  • Xbox One Freezing issue's

    Hi, Has anyone had a freezing up Xbone/One S they actually solved? i see shed loads about resetting the console and re-installing games but with this one none of those options work!

    I have seen some say it's probably the hard drive dying. I wonder if it's BGA issue given the history of the 360's Phat and Slim.

    Any info may be helpful ..

    Good to see you still here to !!! Using a 360 for flashing Pot Tweaking 360 Custom Firmware flashing from £10

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    Hey bud nice to see you here still too, I've not come across my xbone freezing and I have one of the first ones, it's still going strong...well when I say strong its good with digital games...the dvd drive barley loads but I prefer digital anyway.
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