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xbox one repair possible?

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  • xbox one repair possible?

    i found an xbox one at the junkyard, it's missing the front panel and a side panel. well it turns on but blank screen, i left it plugged in with the network cable in. well it got stuck on an update with error code e100. i found the problem but i don't think it can be fixed without flashing something, the blueray drive is missing the mainboard. i know i would need to read the nand and get the dvdkey, to me, is it possible to do it?
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    Originally posted by spaz2203
    Originally Posted by krotos
    i could have told you that this kid doesn't know much, on yahoo he was a name ripper and he trojaned a ton of people with his dirty ass programs.

    Look him up, shady mofo.

    Originally posted by charincol
    Of course, this was already hashed out a full year before AcidAlchemy appeared here and used every excuse he could to get his post count up so he could start ripping ... er, I mean, selling in the classifieds.

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    Hey Krotos, Sorry I'm not sure haven't really been following the xbox scene lately
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