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  • HDD replace Xbox One S

    Just wanted to share my Xbox One Slim HDD replacement experience since i was not able to find anything to work online. I did not expand HDD just installed another 500GB. I got the slim second hand and I think it was a 500gb Halo while model.

    So the OSU1, 2, 3, files on M$ did not work on my Xbone Slim. specifically the System.xvd corrupt file on the OSU1. I kept getting an E106... ect error.

    I luckily have a working xbone slim and was able to copy the System Update partition files (the slim has not been updated since like Jan 2017 or Dec 2016. The slim i was trying to fix had no video display. I hooked the HDD from the broken slim up to my PC and it did not show the hdd at all, so i figured it was the hdd that was the problem.

    Everyone seems to be saying to use OSU1, let it fail then remove hdd and put OSU2 onto B folder (either A or B, can't remember what folks were saying) and then restart console and it should do ok. but you can't get OSU1 files from M$ cause they are corrupt, so....

    I used Juvenal's e scripts in Linux to create partitions, ect. only thing i changed was what files i put into the A and B folders. I just copied the files from the working slim i had and deleted the "deltas.xvd" from B folder. The files are not the same as Juvenal's descript above, sosinit and sostmpl where not there... ? This is what i had on my HDD for files that made it work. I only deleted the "deltas.xvd" from the B folder, other than that, that is what was on my working, running XBONE slim for files.

    -deltas.xvd 1.2 GB 7dec16
    -SettingsTemplate.xvd 123.7MB 7dec16
    -system.xvd 1.6 GB 7dec16
    -systemaux.xvd 753.9MB 7dec16
    -systemauxf.xvd 280.4MB 7dec16
    -systemmisc.xvd 1.4 GB 7dec16
    -SystemTools.xvd 39.4MB 7dec16

    -SettingsTemplate.xvd 123.7MB 25dec16
    -system.xvd 1.6 GB 25dec16
    -systemaux.xvd 753.9MB 25dec16
    -systemauxf.xvd 280.4MB 25dec16
    -systemmisc.xvd 1.4 GB 25dec16
    -SystemTools.xvd 39.4MB 25dec16

    updater.xvd 67.3MB 25dec16 (updater.xvd is in the root of the System Update partition, just like Juvenal above)

    I did not have any other files on the HDD, like cms.xvd in the System Support partition from Juvenal's above.

    Hope this helps someone save a couple days of their life trying other crap that did not work for me... Obviously most of you probably will not have a working slim HDD to do this, but...


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    I did a system restore and power cycles with no issues or errors.