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    Has anyone experienced poor decisions of violations through Microsoft's code of conduct? My step son has just received a ban from voice chat and private party chat from now till the 2nd Jan.A 12 year old in Adult lobbies playing a cert 18 game filed a complaint against him.Having spoken to microsoft via the chat system asking for the reasons behind such a ban they clearly could not give me any details,no video,chat logs,mic recordings etc could be given as evidence.I quickly started to lose patience and the responder cut my chat session off.I phoned up from the uk giving them all the details i had.They still could not provide me with any transcript.I voiced my opinion regarding how children can play games designed for adults without any interference for Microsoft.It was was blatant that all gameplay of adult content resides with the parents setting up the appropriate blocking.Surely Microsoft have to play their part as well.I know what people can be like on line and i would say my step son is no saint.However if i do hear any profanities,its curbed straight away and the wi-fi mysteriously closes down(cough,cough).I just cannot believe Microsoft take a 12 year old's click of a button,playing a game he clearly shouldn't over someone who still has green (good player) reputation.To add insult to injury i bought him a new headset for Crimbo.Yikes !! Has anyone else been subject to a violation they thought was unjust ?

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    MS can be harsh and jump the gun, I've had temp communication bans from little dickhead's who think it's Ok to send you a shitty msg so then of course I send them one back and then I get reported and banned its bollocks how the system works mate but I know the ban as been within their right's as I also violated the rules replying to the gobshites
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      It's all M$ BS Richie. You should know this by now sir.. It gets out of hand real quick ..

      Just argue your case and hope for the best, and don't give up until they listen. Had plenty of cut chats in the past for the same reasons. Now my youngun is 18 and can fight for himself but it still stinks eh.. Using a 360 for flashing Pot Tweaking 360 Custom Firmware flashing from £10