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transfer game from one console to another?

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  • transfer game from one console to another?

    Hey guy, just bought a xboxone and it came with fifa16 code as a bundle. Ive used the code under a new gamer tag because I didn't know I could transfer my xbox360 gamer tag over. Anyways now ive installed fifa16 a mate said he would have bought the code from me.
    my question is can I removed the game so he can use the code on his xboxone? rememeber ive now transferred over my old xbox360 gamer account to the xboxone now.

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    Once you have used the code thats it the code will no longer be valid. You can give your friend the gamertag login details and he can use that to login on his Xbox and then re-download the game again...he can then play fifa using his profile on his xbox
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