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Very Cheap PS4 for sale why?

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  • Very Cheap PS4 for sale why?

    Hi All,

    There is a PS4 for sale near me going cheap BUT it's for spares and repairs!

    I have asked the seller what the problem is and she told me that she bought it second hand and it will only play demos and can't access the settings?

    I have never used a PS4 so was wondering if anyone knew what is going on with the machine?

    Is there some sort of parental lock or something?

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    I would say it's stolen. The one they have here on my local gamestop can only play demos, so that plus that it's going super cheap makes it sound very shady to me.
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        Any ideas as to if the "demo" machines are able to be reformatted, unless of course there is no Blu-Ray drive in them then it's pointless?
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