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  • Rules to Follow

    Just don't do anything stupid. Seriously, don't offend anyone, say any racist slurs, etc. Were all here for a reason, and that's to flash our Xbox 360.

    No posts that relate to PIRACY.

    This includes backups you've downloaded(GREATGAME-NTSC/RF) doesn't work, help me.
    Backups you've payed for.
    Backups someone else did for you.
    If you don't have the original in your posession, don't discuss the use of a backup. All talk of backups will make the automatic assumption that you still own the original and will be treated as such.
    Can you make a backup from a backup.
    It's only your word that you have the original.
    If you help someone who is admittedly a pirate, the other members will treat you as a pirate as well and things will be handled accordingly by the moderators.
    To keep this site running we need to be piracy free.

    If you post about games that havn't been released yet, expect an instant ban.


    If you flashed your 360 & got banned or flashed your 360 & screwed it up, tough luck, deal with it.
    Don't post about gutt swapping 360's or any other form of fraud to get yourself a new 360.
    • No double accounts, expect an instant ban
    • Don't ask for ETA's on firmware. No one here knows, so dont ask.
    • No posting of pornography material of any kind.
    • No advertisements/spam (advertising your flashing services is the only exception)
    • No double posting the same topic.
    • Don't link to specific backups, think before you post.
    • Don't post sites where you download backups, torrents, etc.
    • Be kind, and help others out. At one point, you were a noob to, don't forget your roots
    • All post need to be in English
    • Don't bump your post's they will be answered when we get to them
    • Absolutely no thread jacking
    • No sending people to Let me google that for you
    • No links to firmware

    You Have Been Warned!


    If you plan on advertising your services in your Signature, their must be a link that directs users to your post in the Classifieds section. Failure to do so may result in moderators changing your sign, being placed on a temporary ban, or possibly a permanent ban.
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