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Super slim fault - help please!!

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  • Super slim fault - help please!!

    I have no interest in, or ever wanted to own a ps3, but I just picked up a super slim cos the deal was too good to miss.

    Bought it faulty and have no understanding of what to check to diagnose fault so here goes.

    PS3 turns on and stays on green light, but no display on TV using hdmi. The ps3 has no hard drive in it or caddy, it's just a console.

    I don't know why else info wise anyone needs but if you ask I will provide it if anyone can assist in repairing I would be grateful


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    power the console on and hold the power button until you hear 2/3 beeps. If it resets display and something comes up then it will be an error message as PS3 can't complete boot up without a HDD with fw on it.
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      Tried mate but nothing - I don't have patience to keep messing around with it tbh so just stuck it on eBay as is

      Thanks anyway

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