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just got cfw on PS3. Tools?

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  • just got cfw on PS3. Tools?

    Hi guy's and galls, just got a PS3 on 3.4 so I popped 3.55 cfw on it no problem.

    Having a trawl through Google isn't helping me find the tools needed for transferring game's and file's over to it. I guess there's a PS3 equivalent of iso2god and content manager out there. Can anyone here point me in the right direction please.... Using a 360 for flashing Pot Tweaking 360 Custom Firmware flashing from £10

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    Have you tried on the ps3hax forum? Seems a friendly enough to ask such a question. May even be guides or threads with questions you might have.

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      No straight links and yeah been there.. had to get MultiMan from another source... Using a 360 for flashing Pot Tweaking 360 Custom Firmware flashing from £10


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        First, get key extractor to get your consoles key. Then I'd recommend updating to a 4.55 or 4.60 cfw as you will find most games won't run until you update and I don't recommend patching the eboot just to get them booting on an old cfw. Multi man will launch your backups, discs and also runs an FTP server which you can connect to from your PC.

        Though for transferring games I would either use an Ethernet cable or transfer to a portable HDD since transfering gigs of games through wifi will take forever.
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          [TUT] How to install the latest 4.XX CFW's is what link i used

          theres a certain section you will see about 3.55 CFW what i had that will say you can upgrade to this CFW,

          also had link to uptodate Multiman etc etc. lastest MMtools, keydumper stuff like that hope all goes well.
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