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0225 Mod Hack - 3 flavors?

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  • 0225 Mod Hack - 3 flavors?

    Interesting, though the kit solution, you can only use it once?

    [2011-05-17 02:53AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> i can tell you all this about the 0225 mod
    [2011-05-17 02:53AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> there will be 3 flavors
    [2011-05-17 02:54AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> 1. 100% free instructions for the scene to do it yourself
    [2011-05-17 02:54AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> 2. A pro modders kit for installers to offer a service
    [2011-05-17 02:54AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> 3. an addon that anyone can install
    [2011-05-17 02:56AM UTC] #fw <k3rn3l> its 1 mod per drive tho (before you cheap ass installers try to rape as much cash out of this as you can)
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    I think this is kind of important too:
    [2011-05-17 03:00AM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> and is this firmware/method going to be released at the same time with the 0401 or is it going to be just the 0225 for now?
    [2011-05-17 03:00AM UTC] #fw <Evil0ne> glass: apprently it works on both 0225 and 0401
    [2011-05-17 03:01AM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> Evil0ne: I understand that part, my questioning was is the 0225 LT fw coming at the same time as the 0401 or is 0401 coming later
    [2011-05-17 03:02AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> 0401 is the same hardware, so yes, but will need a new fw – soon!
    [2011-05-17 03:03AM UTC] #fw <ozzman280> i have a 0225 with the beta dash will i be able to flash
    [2011-05-17 03:04AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ozzman:yes, with the mod done
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      Hmm.. Interesting I like the word free lol
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        Originally posted by jaws95678 View Post
        I think this is kind of important too:
        Ahh, so to be able play with the new dash, you'll have to opt for the mod version? $$$$$$