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Need some help please with a new 360 disc drive install.

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  • Need some help please with a new 360 disc drive install.

    Its been a while since I have done anything xbox related tbh but anyway I shall explain my problem.

    One of my xbox360 disc drives packed up so I had a spare, brand new disc drive out of the box (has been in storage for along time now) and I have got the key.bin/dummy.bin for it, its been all set up properly by myself when I first purchased the new disc drive. So I connected the new drive in the 360 put the 360 back together along with the Blaster CK3 kit on top I plugged the 360 back in, powered it up and this is my issue, it runs DVD Films fine but when you put a back up disc in, it goes to play and returns back to the main menu asap also when you put an original disc in the drive you just see an xbox360 logo on the screen. I have tried to run Jungle Flasher again installing the lite-on custom firmware to it but its still the same. I updated it but still the same so please if anyone can help me out or has had this happen to them in the past can you please let me know so I can hopefully correct it, thank you.
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    I have sorted the problem out now so I don't need any help anymore.


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      They key from your original drive needed to be flashed to the replacement...?
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