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  • "Play Game" problem

    My xbox 360 slim is flashed to lt 3.0.But sometimes when i put a disc in it,it says play game,but the game icon doesn't xbox reads that game as Call of Duty Black Ops when i put Skyrim.But both of them doesn't work.
    I don't know what the problem is.But after i reboot everything is ok

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    Are you burning with a ihas (or one of those sony drives that works aswell)? what are your kprobe results like? sounds like bad burns to me, or possibly a failing laser


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      Originally posted by Redis16 View Post
      my xbox reads that game as Call of Duty Black Ops when i put Skyrim
      I'm pretty sure you put in the wrong disc or you have burned COD:BO and wrote Skyrim on the disc.

      Is COD:BO burned with the correct topology data?
      Is Skyrim a full or truncated backup?

      If you put in the original, you still have that problem or only with your backups?


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        I also have problems sometimes with the original.It is not only with skyrim.Even sometimes when i put Fifa 13 and other games it reads them as COD Black ops 2.My games are not trancuated.iF I DELETE coD FROM MY HARD DRIVE it reads like something that i have installed for example CRACLE


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          This makes no sense, I've never heard anything like it, show me a video
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            I know what he's talking about. When you go to games and you look at the list of installed games sometimes if you delete an installed game then the current disc's icon changes to that game that you just deleted but that doesn't mean the game changes
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              so a reboot IS the solution!


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                This happened to me yesterday, and not even the originals would work...

                But when i restarted the console, it was back to normal.. i have no idea wtf happened


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                  I would honestly just re-flash your hdd. just have Microsoft re-config your hdd in settings
                  Should fix it cause it sounds like a hdd problem
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                    Me happens the same.After i reboot everything is ok