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  • "Like" button

    Thanks for the "Like" button James. I just noticed it.
    Bottom right when you mouse over a post for those who haven't seen it.
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    If I helped you, say thanks by hitting the thanks button.

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    testing lol
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      Since this is in testing James can you add a "Thanks but no Thanks" button. I've noticed some responses to questions are completely unnecessary or childish. Maybe a thumbs down would be useful in those occasion. Seems like people will just say or post anything to rack up their posts numbers.
      Would also be useful for when someone brings up a piracy subject we can use that button as a flag for MOD's to review the thread and shut it down if necessary. I have noticed piracy threads that get well over 20-30 view before anyone get a chance to shut it down. Might be helpful. Just a though.
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        We have the report post button for piracy etc!
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