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"Flagged for a ban" with clean XVal - possible?

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  • "Flagged for a ban" with clean XVal - possible?

    Hi guys. All the time I had my Xbox, I always flashed it using Xbox as power supply for the drive. With the recent dashboard update, I didn't flash to stock and got the error code. I updated it using USB and then flashed iXtreme 1.91. I can play clean (abgx checked) AP25 games with no problem. I've also checked my console through XVal, it's clean (000000 secdata). I also haven't connected to XBL for over 1,5 year (offline all the time). The thing is - I always thought I'm safe if I ever decide to connect, and Xval data just made me sure. But you guys talk with such certainty : "flashing without separate power supply for the drive will get you flagged", "updating dash with CFW will get you flagged" etc. Are you sure one can get flagged and Xval still wouldn't show that? Right now I'm scared of ever connecting to XBL back again.
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    I'm about 95% sure that it has been confirmed that your xbox logs this (xbox on with no sata to drive) but that noone knows for sure if this will get you banned.
    I have one xbox I flashed this way twice or three times about a year back, and it's still fine on xbl today. I did start using an old rrod console for flashing my drives now tho..
    So I guess noone knows, but it's safer not to do this


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      Admins on c4eva's site have recently stated that xval is now outdated and basically garbage, so don't trust it too much
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        ya they flag on server side now. so the only way you will have a flag on console is when you dont have the right ap stealth on the back up and your offline when it happens.