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Flashing a Stock Liteon Drive with iXtreme 1.6 Firmware

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  • Flashing a Stock Liteon Drive with iXtreme 1.6 Firmware

    Note, this Tutorial was for flashing the Liteon to iXtreme 1.51 firmware, I updated it for iXtreme 1.6

    For support on this tutorial, please use this thread.


    Before we begin this tutorial, on how to flash a stock Liteon drive with iXtreme 1.6 firmware, you have to have a connectivity kit. A connectivity kit allows you to dump the firmware, which contains the key that will be used in spoofing your drive to iXtreme 1.6 firmware.

    There are a couple of connectivity kits out there that you can buy, I recommend purchasing the CK3 Lite with the Probe. If you don’t purchase the probe, then you’ll have to solder a bridge on R707 on the drives pcb. So to make life easier, just fork out the extra 15 bucks, and purchase the probe.

    So, first things first. You should download this tutorial, read it, to become familiar with what you’re going to be doing. Some say you need the VIA-6421 card for flashing, while it’s nice to have, it’s not necessary, so don’t waste your money on it unless your SATA chip set will not work. Most new chip sets work fine.

    Next step is to gather the tools you’ll need.

    * 10 Torx Screwdrive
    * CK3 Lite (Serial Connction)
    * CK3 Pro (USB Connection)
    * CK3 Probe

    Software you’ll need for this.

    * JungleFlasher 1.6.2
    * iXtreme 1.6 Firmware

    Additional Information.

    It is recommended that you remove the laser ribbon from the laser head.

    Now, let’s get started. First you need to remove the drive from the Xbox console, to do so, watch the following video.


    Now you have the console open, continue to remove the drive. Unplug the Sata cord, and the power connection, on the back of the drive.

    If you’re planning on soldering R707, look at the image below. You have to create a short between the two pads for R707. Thanks to for the following images. First, you need to unscrew 4 screws on the drive itself, see image below.

    When you open the cover, look for R707, it’s near the bottom of the PCB.

    Now, if you don’t solder that, and have a probe, we can move-on, if not, solder that connection, making sure you use a small tip on your soldering iron, and connect a piece of wire between the two pads. It’s always good to verify your connection with a Ohm Meter if you have one.

    The next process is to hook everything up. As you can see in the image below, the CK3 Pro is being used. If you’re using the CK3 lite, just plug that into the RS232 Serial port, typically in the back of your PC. Then, connect the SATA cord, from your Xbox drive, to your VIA 6421 card, or built in SATA port. Last, before you connect the power cable to the CK3, make sure the switch is in the OFF position.

    Now you have everything hooked up, go ahead, and turn on your pc, with the drive still turned off.

    Next, make sure you install the PortIO32 drives, which is included when you download JungleFlasher. If you’re using the CK3 Pro, install the USB drivers.

    Go ahead and turn the power switch on the CK3 on, and you should see a blue light. Verify everything is working, and press the eject button, to verify the drive opens. Now, turn the CK3 power off, push the drive in half way, then turn the CK3 back on.

    Let’s get to work!

    Before you open JungleFlasher, go ahead, and copy the iXtreme 1.6 Firmware into the “firmware” folder, located inside the JungleFlasher folder.

    Open up JungleFlasher, you should be presented with a screen like this.

    Now, click on the Tab DVDKey 32. You need to select the correct I/O Port and Com Port. The I/O port as you scroll through them, will show the Vendor as PLDS, and Name as DG-16D2S when you select the correct port. With the Com Port, typically, if you only have 1 serial port, it’s going to be COM1.

    Now go ahead, and if you’re using a probe, connect the spear to the R707 contact. Looking at the image below, touch the tip of the spear where the red circle is. If you soldered this connection, then disregard this step.

    Time to get the key, click on Get Key, Create Dummby.bin Open as Source

    JungleFlasher will then dump the key 6 times, verifying your key is good. You’ll be prompted to save all 4 files, the key.bin, inquiry.bin, identify.bin, and dummy.bin. You can save them anywhere you want, typically, I create a folder on the desktop, name it Liteon, and save the files there.

    After you save all the files, JungleFlasher will prompt you to auto-load the iXtreme firmware. Select yes, as long as you copied the firmware into the firmware folder, earlier in this tutorial. I’m guessing you did, so just hit yes.

    You’ll then be taken to the main FirmwareTool 32 tab. Before proceeding, it’s good to verify that the source firmware key matches the target firmware key. Look at the image below, to get an idea on what to look for.

    Once everything is verified, click Save to File, as shown in the image above.

    Time to erase the firmware off the drive. Now, if for some reason your PC freezes while erasing the drive, don’t worry, just take a look at the end of this tutorial.

    Now, click on the MTK Flash 32 tab, and click on the Lite-on Erase button.

    It will prompt you asking if you are sure, just click yes. It will then show 1 more prompt, read it carefully. Basically, you need to power the drive off, then on, at a certain step in the erasing process. When you see the following in the image below, this is when you want to power cycle your drive.

    If everything was successful, you’ll see under Drive Properties, Drive in Vendor Model, and under Flash Chip Properties, the type listed with a status of ox72.

    Now, if your pc froze during the erasing process, no worries, this happens to the best of us. All you have to do after you restart your pc, open JungleFlasher again, and in the the MTK Flash tab, click on the Intro / Device ID. See image below.

    Also, you’ll have to click on the Firmware 32 tab, and load the original firmware, by clicking on Load Source Firmware. Just select the dummy.bin. Then, below that, click on Open Target firmware, and select ix16-liteon-repack.bin. Then, click on the button, Spoof Source to Target, and lastly, Save to file. Click on the MTK Flash 32 tab.

    Now you should be all caught up.

    All left to do is just write the firmware, so click on Write, which is located under Flashing Task, on the bottom right.

    Once you see Write Verified OK!, click on Outro/ATA Reset, and you’ve just flashed a stock Liteon drive.

    Please post questions on this tutorial in...