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Flashing BenQ drive w/o CK3 using DosFlash Tutorial

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  • Flashing BenQ drive w/o CK3 using DosFlash Tutorial

    This tutorial will also work if you're trying to flash your drive with iXtreme 1.6 Firmware

    For help on this tutorial, please post in the following thread.

    So you have the Xbox 360 Benq drive, and you want to flash it with iXtreme 1.51? Good news, this is easy to do. The first thing you’re going to want to do, is open the Xbox 360, to get to your Benq drive. It’s actually easier than you think. The first step, is to watch this video. You’re going to need a TORX 10 screwdriver.

    The next step, is to connect your drive from the Xbox 360 with a SATA cord to your PC, as shown in the image above. Remember that you need to have the Video cord plugged into the console, but it doesn't have to be plugged into a TV (hdmi cable will not work, needs to be the regular Component/RCA cable.) See image below.


    Also, make sure you ground the two chassis together, using aligator clips, or a any type of wire, from the console, to your PC chassis. See image below.


    Now from here, you have a couple of different ways to go about flashing this. Many tutorials out there, use iPrep ( which can be downloaded from ), however, I never had any luck getting this to work. So I’m going to show you how to use a combination of DosFlash v1.7 to retrieve the key, and JungleFlasher to create your Xbox 360 custom firmware.

    Once you have your drive connected to your computer, open up DosFlash. You’ll get a polling window, asking to send the vendor info to device on 09F0 ( or whatever yours may be ), just click ok, power off your 360, wait 2 seconds, the power the 360 back on. DosFlash only initiates after your have clicked “OK” and the device has been turned off/on again.

    You’ll know if you got it right if the green light on your 360 starts flashing constantly. You may have to play with this for a little bit to get it to work right. Sometimes the first polling window that comes up is actually for other devices you have in your system. SATA hard drives, DVD drives, etc.

    You have to retry with the different device address until you get the hang of what works for you. This is why you disable other drives in your system, to minimize the amount of addresses that DosFlash polling windows ask you to resend the info for.

    Once it shows your Benq drive as connected, go ahead and read the firmware. Do this a couple of times, making sure your key is the same every time. Once you’re good, save it as whatever you want, orig.bin for example. Now it’s time to open up JungleFlasher.

    Now, this is easy, so don’t screw it up. All you have to do, is hit “Load Source Firmware”, and select the firmware that you save using DosFlash. Then, click on “Open Target Firmware” select the firmware ix15Benq.bin ( if you haven’t downloaded the firmware yet, you can download it from Team Xecuter ).

    Now, the next step, once you have loaded your original firmware, and loaded the iXtreme firmware, is to click the button “Spoof Source to Targe”. Once done, click “Save to File”, name is anything you want, I named mine benqmodified.bin. Now, go back to Dosflash 32, erase your firmware off your Xbox 360 drive.

    Once that is complete, click the drop down on the top, select “Write Firmware”, load the firmware you saved from Jungleflasher.

    Once it’s done, you can verify everything is working, by clicking on the eject button, making sure it ejects.

    The next step, is just put your Xbox 360 back together, and to burn a copied Xbox 360 game, to make sure it actually works, since this is the goal of yours.

    Here are some links you’ll need to download the firmware and applications for flashing your 360.

    DosFlash V 1.7

    iXtreme 1.51 Firmware
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    This tutorial worked great for me but I want to update my firmware so I can play newer games. I can't get dosflash to read my drive anymore. Do I have to do something different after it's been flashed?


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      DosFlash as not been updated for some time its likely it cant detect your current firmware
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        Will this work after the new xbox 360 update (2011)

        Also will this be able to go on live after the update (if it does work)


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          I've just ordered a VIA VT6421A chip, and it'll probably be here in a week, will this tutorial still work?


          Edit: found the attached photos ... *facepalm*


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            I have a via card and my xbox is flashing green but dosflash wont read it! whats going on? Help!


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              Thanks, nice tutorial


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                Lite on

                Is this method possible to use on the Lite on drives. Basically the only problem with lite ons is the key right? So why not use this method?


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                  I followed this tutorial to the T and it doesn't seem to be working, I go to play even my original games and it goes to an Xbox 360 screen and stays there it won't load a game. The thing I wasn't sure about was when I was opening the target firmware I had ix16Benq 0800.bin so I'm wondering if it mattered because it said something that 0800 is for external use only. Can I reflash this DVD drive or is it too late?? I already erased the firmware that was on the xbox360 from the factory. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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                    ya you need to reflash lol 0800 is only for computer use. load your benq-ofw.bin as source and LTPlus-benq-v2.0.bin as target and click spoof then flash it and all is good
                    Originally posted by charincol
                    it usually works just fine right up until the exact moment it breaks.
                    Originally posted by Methtical
                    Tough to unlock an MXIC chip? About as tough as taking a dump after half a litre of turbolax 5000.

                    if it aint broke, fix it

                    drive flashing, key retrievals and rgh/jtag services


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                      X360usb ftw


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                        has anyone tried this with lite on? I have an already patched drive but I have no clue who patched and how, I just got it like this:s I have opened my box but i do not want to proceed purchasing the other tools needed before verification. many thanks