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Flashing Benq VAD6038 drive Tutorial

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    Originally posted by 5loth View Post
    Hopefully this is the right place to ask, I see others have done so.

    The link in the first post for questions has now been archived, so not sure where else to ask.

    I have an old fat xbox 360 that has been flashed with ixtreme a couple of years back, maybe 1.4 or similar? It has since been banned from xbox live. It has the BenQ drive.

    I haven't dealt with xbox flashing for the last couple of years so very out of the loop, but from what I have read I should be able to do the following (bearing in mind I don't have the original key for the drive, or a power/connectivity kit):

    Download the latest ixtreme firmware pack
    Connect drive to PC, powered from xbox (already banned)
    Install the stock benq firmware (there is pre and post 13141, I haven't seen anything on how I can identify which one I need?)
    Install the latest dashboard update downloaded from microsoft via usb key
    Install the latest modified benq firmware.

    Will this all work ok?

    Any help much appreciated.
    I have the exact same problem. My phat xbox360 is banned and had an old ixtreme version on it. I was using activation.iso for most of the time. The recent dashboard update, I accidentally updated (a month ago) instead of clicking no now my XBOX is always stuck in the update installation screen.

    Do I have to flash to the stock or is there any other solution around this?


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      you have to flash back to stock no way around it. then you also need the right update for dash. the error code tells you what that is. run the second set of numbers through a hex-to-decimal convertor and it will tell you the dash number. then you need to download that dash number onto a usb flash drive and you will get out of the update loop if you are already on stock.
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        Any chance u can update the video? when i click on it i get an internal video error from youtube; "a group of inteligent monkeys are working on this; report it if u see them"

        Am kinda new to this. First night xD; but already learn enough shit from this site, youtube and the internet.

        also do i have to use ixtreme 1.51? because version 3.0 came out.



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          Click image for larger version

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          It is in fact entirely possible to replace your xbox360′s BENQ VAD6038 dvd drive by installing an old drive’s control board into a new drive, no flashing required. All you’ll need is a soldering gun and like 5 min.


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            I've been trying to flash my benq drive but cant, my drive does show up in jungle flasher, its stock, but when I hit benq unlock a error message pop ups, if i try intro device, once the message that says to click ok then power off and on within 1 sec nothing happens. im using the xbox to power up the drive and the probe to power on/off the drive when ask to do so. I tried the halftray method and could not do it. can get pass the "click yes, then power off and on within 1 sec" message.
            Any advises?