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replacement PCD in liteon 4DS

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  • replacement PCD in liteon 4DS

    hi guys,

    I started by doing a kamikaze hack on a DG-16D4S with FW 0252 which failed, but not before I got my keys out. I then ordered a replacement stock unlocked board from the internet. After receiving it I programed it with the CFW created using my original dummy file and 252 software in JF. When I put it back in the xbox it gives me a message saying "put the disc in an xbox to play" when I try to play genuine games. when I try to play backups it thinks it's a dvd.

    From there I went back and made a stock 0252 firmware with JF using my keys and flashed it to my replacement PCB, put it all back together and then I could play genuine games again no problem.

    So I know my replacement board works and my keys are right, but why can't I put ixtreme on the drive and play backups?

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    P.s. I never locked the replacement PCB after flashing it because I was scared I would mess something up and need back in. The xbox is running the latest dashboard software.