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Problem to run iso games in xkey 16D5S 1175, corona

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  • Problem to run iso games in xkey 16D5S 1175, corona

    Good day, i come speack about the problem that I have with my xkey, the model of FW of the console dia normal, no problem, but in the hour than i go to select the iso to run e come back to the xbox dash and eject, input and read disc to play, the screen do black, exit of live and reconect again automaticaly and go back to xbox dashboard yet. this occurs every times and with evrery games, none run. anybody can help me?
    I use the last update, 2.01-4
    in the card xkey are:

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    Umm wow, this is kinda difficult to follow... Have you made sure you are using the correct FW with the correct key? What I would do is reformat the SD card on the Xk3y. Recompile the FW with the correct key, then try again. You should also check the ISO file to make sure it is correct. Did you run it through abgx?

    Sorry for the late reply..
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