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Playing truncated games offline.

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  • Playing truncated games offline.

    Hey guys I'm still very new in this XBOX things as I just started studying them a week ago.

    The only thing I knew about my XBOX was, I can only play LT 2.0 games but I've sent it to a game shop the other day and got it updated so I can play LT 3.0 games which I believe are newer games. From what I know, JTAG/RGH consoles means you can play your games from an external hard drive and as for flashed consoles, you need to buy the backup disc in order to play the game and I believe my consoles are flashed consoles.

    Well in my country, approximately only 5% of people go online/plays with original disc and the majority plays backup disc. First of all, I only care about being able to play the games and I don't really about going online with the whole XBOX Live thing because when I bought the consoles, I knew that it was a "jailbroken" XBOX that can only play backup disc and should never connect to XBL.

    From my research, I've found out that in order to burn 100% and successfully play a burned games without getting banned and be safe or whatever you have to spend a little money on iHas burner and Verbatim disc(DL) which is very hard to find/order from my country(trust me, I've tried). So my problem is, I've tried following all the tutorials with the abgx360/ImgBurn (truncated) but all of them got the error saying "The disc is not supported/unreadable disc) I have a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH41N ATA driver and I'm using TDK DVD +R(DL) 8.5gb disc.
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    Originally posted by noahnoah View Post
    you need to buy the pirated disc in order to play the game

    majority plays pirated disc.
    Congratulations for NOT reading the rules! I think this is the best post I have ever seen in regards to quantity of the the word "pirate" and it's derived connotations.

    I would kindly direct you to read the forum rules in the few minutes or hours before you receive your first ban.

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      noahnoah you obviously have a good concept of the English language so please read the rules regarding piracy on this forum.

      While 'piracy' may not be a crime in your country it is not supported here.

      You have done a good job so far in your research so far but regardless of online or offline - truncated discs are not supported here either for the obvious reasons you have mentioned above.
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