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Replacing Xbox DVD drive

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  • Replacing Xbox DVD drive

    Hi all,

    I bought my phat Xbox black elite about 7 years ago and want to have a go at flashing. I've opened up my xbox and have discovered that the company I bought it from replaced the LiteOn drive inside with a Samsung MS28 drive and spoofed it to be a LiteOn. I would like to buy a new LiteOn drive to replace the Samsung drive and have it work. Is this possible? If you think Yes or Maybe, read on:

    When I connect the Samsung drive to JungleFlasher, it won' Sammy unlock. Presumably due to the spoof. BUT, when I read the drive; even though it fails it does generate a DVDKey in the log.

    Question 1: Is this DVDkey my original key from the LiteOn? If Yes or Maybe, read on:

    Question 2: Can I use this DVDkey in Jungleflasher to flash a new LiteOn drive so that it will work with my xbox? If Yes or Maybe read on:

    Question 3: How? Since I do not have the original drive, I can't do a dump or get the dummy files. Can I just select the stock firmware that the drive was and manually enter the DVDkey as source AND as target then flash it as in tutorials?

    I would need to ship in the replacement drive from the US (side note; will this affect my DVD region for original games?) for $150 so would like to know if it's worth the time and money beforehand.

    Thanks all in advance.
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    Hi and welcome to iXtreme, yeah of course you can put an original LiteOn drive back in your 360.

    Answer 1. Yes its your original dvdkey or you current drive wouldn't work at all.

    Answer 2. Yes if thats the only dvdkey in JF then its yours and will work fine.

    Answer 3. Yes you can manually enter your dvdkey if you struggle you should read JF tutorial a little more as your current drive will dump if you do it right.

    Region wont be effected by because its from the US, $150 is way too much for a new drive you should try harder to source one more local.

    Good luck
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      Thanks very much Slick.

      I've read the tutorial so many times I will probably dream of it. Unfortunately it eludes that if you have the key then you can flash your drive but always starts with getting the key and then goes on to how to save the files and how the files will automatically be selected after the dump. So I wasn't sure if there were other files that were being dumped that were necessary to flash the drive i.e. I would need to flash the replacement drive I got to get other important files for that drive and only manually change the key.

      Unfortunately I live in New Zealand so 90% of the cost is actually shipping... Apparently no one has my drive model... If I do find one here for less I'll definitely get it

      Will post again when I get my drives to triple triple check I'm not going to end up bricking it without first having gotten the important stuff off first. Thanks again


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        Finally found the information if anyone else has the same problem as me:

        How to make your own Xbox 360 DVD key.bin and stock firmware file when you only have the key stored in a text document. - Xbox 360 Firmware Modding - XPG Gaming Community

        Will post again once I try


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          Maybe to help you

          Postage for a 1kg item from england to nz is approx £17-25gbp and drives are £10-15 and I am sure someone would flash one for you. Maybe ask here and provide them with key and get preflashed for a cheaper option!?!??

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            Thanks Gatsby, I really do want to try doing it myself and am 99% sure I've learnt how to do it correctly. Just waiting for my next pay check before trying


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              Hi All,

              Just an update for anyone following this. My new drive arrived but it wasn't a LiteOn firmware 74850, it was the new firmware. I managed to flash the drive using jungleflasher to my original firmware with my DVD key (done by selecting the original firmware as target firmware and manual spoofing my DVD key by manually creating a new key.bin file and saving).

              I then put the drive into my xbox and it booted up great, open, closed, played dvds. I then decided to take it one step further and I re-flashed the drive to LT3. I put it back into my xbox and it worked a treat. Played all games fine.

              So next step, I re-flashed the drive back to my original settings and I updated my Xbox 360 to the latest dashboard 2.0.17349. I then took out the drive to re-flash LT3 on it but alas, the drive now is stuck in 0x80 (busy code). I've tried everything from power cycling to into, outro combos, liteon erase to using l-o-eras in dosflash and the drive still won't exit 0x80.

              I've done quite a bit of reading and it seems like this shouldn't occur. You should still be able to erase the drive and write anything you want on it. I think however that the xbox dashboard update I installed changed the firmware or whatever it is a computer uses to recognise the drive so that you always get a 0x80 status returned and can't rewrite firmware without the xbox. The drive still works when placed in the xbox.

              But if anyone knows of any tricks to get the drive back into 0x72 please do let me know otherwise when they discontinue the xbox360 games, I may look to get another drive and flash that solely to LT3 and use this drive if any updates come up.


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                So turns out I'm an idiot and actually had 2 bad sata cables. Replaced with a new cable and all flashed properly.

                LiteOn drive now updated to LT3 and working beautifully.