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Replacing Drive In Xbox Slim, Play DVD error after reboot!

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  • Replacing Drive In Xbox Slim, Play DVD error after reboot!


    I have a slim 360 , On latest xbox update, the original drive inside is a DG-16D4S, Firmware 0225.

    I bought a DG-16D4S firmware 9504 unlocked replacement, although jungle flasher (0.1.96-Beta 323) says its an 0272, spi status is however unlocked 0x00.

    I have got the keys off the existing drive using x360usb pro 2, new drive goes in to vendor mode and lets me write the new firmware LTPlus-0225-v3.0.bin no problem.

    Plays originals and backups fine, but after switching the xbox off and on again it never reads the game in the drive always comes up as play dvd. If i insert the disc after its booted it plays as it should.

    Somethings wrong somewhere, has anyone any ideas that can assist me, I have not locked the spi at this stage so dont know if this could be affecting it, if its not this and i lock it then the drives toast as i am unable to kamakazi or solder due to poor eyesight.

    This is the second DG-16D4S firmware 9504 unlocked drive i have got for this box, the first one done the same play dvd issue but was very slow to spin up and load games/copy to the hardrive. Taking 3 minutes longer than stock for the same game to copy to HDD.