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DG-16D4S (0225) Unlocked PCB, no donor drive

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  • DG-16D4S (0225) Unlocked PCB, no donor drive

    Hello. I have an UNLOCKED DG-16D4S and an older JTAG/RGH Slim 250gb Xbox 360. This is not the Original Drive from the Xbox 360, however.

    I have run XELL, and have the DVD Key from the original drive. I have used Jungle Flasher to attempt to put the DVD Key manually spoofed into the Target Firmware.

    However, when connected to the JTAG/RGH Xbox 360, the DVD Drive shows video DVD in the dashboard when loading an ORIGINAL title. I have not tried any of my original-backups.

    Does anybody know what I need to get the Xbox360 to recognize original disks in the drive? Did I need to SPI 0x00 lock the drive before the console will recognize? I don't want to lock the unlocked drive, yet, as it may be a permanent lock with the drive that is currently unlocked (no soldering, etc. skill to unlock drive myself).

    Thank you very much!